Terpenes from the Source

We take our proprietary machinery to location for extraction to assure the highest potency in aroma and taste. On site terpene extraction allows us to oversee the entire production process creating the purest whole plant terpene product on the market.

Artisan Attention to Create Top Shelf Inventory

Our terpenes come from partner hemp farms, where top colas are handpicked. After on-site extraction and multi-stage filtering process, we have a true whole plant essential oil. Hemp terpenes help bring the entourage effect to any product suite, from cartridges to topicals. Terplandia’s team has over 20 years of combined master extracting experience and product development.

Stand Out with Terpene Terroir

By procuring our terpenes from a single source farm, formulators who use Terplandia’s terpenes have the exact terpene profile from the field. This allows you to incorporate terroir into your products. We offer a whole plant terpene profile unmatched in the industry.


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