Using only the resources Mother Nature provides including sun, soil, water, and patience. We strive to make the highest quality terpenes under the Humboldt County sun.

Bring the Magic of Our Farm Directly to You

Founded in 2018, Terplandia is rooted in the desire to educate and deliver the highest quality naturally derived terpenes. Just real people, growing real flowers, producing real products. No fillers, no additives, no artificial botanicals.

The purest essence of the farm directly to you.

Christine Miller and Taher Afghani, Terplandia Founders and Farmers.

The Process

Our terpene extraction processing allows high-efficiency extraction from plant biomass while leaving all other cannabinoids intact for further processing. Our terpene extraction equipment is used to process on-site making it possible to deliver the freshest terpenes on earth. We stand behind our brand and the integrity of every product we produce. Lab testing results for all products can be found directly on our site. Quality products from start to finish.

We have some of the finest terpenes in Humboldt County

Our Mission

We believe that terpenes are the essential part of essential oils. Responsible for the smells, flavors and sought after medicinal effects of plants. We strive to produce the highest quality product while sharing the knowledge of the uses and evolution of one of the eldest used plants in history. Our goal to build community through collaboration.